2021 Results

2021 Results
2021 Results
  • 29/03/2021

Early Bird Draw - Bounty Hunter Charter for 2
John Pauly From Auckland

Oakura Holiday Park - Special $100
Blair Whiting English Mackerel Approx 20CM

Species Classes:
Average Weight - Gordon McBride 1.765 (1.788)
3rd Sam Johnstone    2.04
2nd Bruce Howson    2.10
1st  Alistar Munro      2.60

John Dory
Average Weight  Adriaan De La Ray    1.275    (1.29)
3rd Nathan McArthur    1.875
2nd Charly Laudric         2.04
1st Bruce Howson          2.07
Blue Cod 
Average Weight  Cam Flemming    0.77    (.791)
3rd Alistar Munro            0.865
2nd Tony Hurring            0.900
1st Trent Van Der Poel    0.905

Kingfish    Drawn from entries except 1st
Average Weight    Chris Clarke   
3r d Joe Fowler
2nd Greg Eustace
1st  David Leatherby    11.075
Tuna     Drawn From Entries
Average Weight  Zach Drummond  
3rd Jordan Lasenby
2nd Micky McCallum
1st Callum Parsons

Average Weight Justus Du Plessis    2.03    (2.038)
3rd Chris Le Franchice    3.195
2nd Sam Johnstone         3.37                           
1st Charles Dinnis            3.38

Average Weight Brad Dowdle    0.65    (0.649)       
3rd  Blair Whiting        0.83
2nd  Andrew Martin    0.83
1st  Tony Hurring        0.835

Average Weight Mark Ray          3.86    (3.84) 
3rd Peter Stephens         8.62
2nd Bruce Howson         8.975
1st Liam Anderson         9.605

3rd  Isla Twigley
2nd Taylor Hanover-Carr
1st  Mika Graham
Grand Slam 
Angler closest to all 7 species with a combined heaviest weight
5 species caught this year
Charles Dinnis

$1000 Cash Prize for first angler to weigh in all 8 species.
Winner - Not won
Jackpot to 2022 ($2000)

Top Team
Sponsored By Hunting & Fishing  
Shirts  & top teams prize $500 of hunting and fishing vouchers for
Winner Liquid Lunch Blue
Peter Stephens & Mathew Smith

All in Draw –  Sponsored by VIKING KAYAKS
Viking Reload With Bixby Jet Engine
Dean Pattinson     Waiuku 

Spot Prize Draws 
Bounty Hunter 1 Day Trip for 2   
Matt Lourens      Bell Block

Canoe & Kayak - Catch Fishing Tackle packs
Sam Johnstone         Wanganui
Graeme Duncan        Tauranga
Hamish Sutherland   Palmerston North
Alastair Munro          Bell Block

Tasman Marine - Raymarine Fish Finder $900
Iain Hislop                   New Plymouth

Hunting & Fishing voucher $250
Fergus Robertson    Oakura

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Fishing Reel

$75.99 $59.99

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