2016 Competion Results

2016 Results


3rd Carissa Krutz,

2nd Billie Blair,

1st Tane Leatherby.


2nd Tanya Chapple,

1st Diedre Krutz.

Average weight Snapper

3.827 Bam Blakie,

Average weight Kawahai

1.899 Peter Florence.


3rd Garry Broadmore,

2nd Richard Mahood,

1st Steve Mcewen.


3rd Carles Dinnis

2nd Kerry Flowers

1st Mike la franchie.

John Dory

3rd Cam Twigley

2nd Matt Gibson,

1st Andrew Varcoe.

Blue Cod

3rd Luke Davies ,

2nd, Tony Campbell,

1st Sam Connelly.

King fish

1st Kerry Flowers,


3rd Lyndon Cox,

2nd Steve Tapp,

1st Paul Rountree.


5th Brian Boyd,

4th Grant King,

3rd Bam Blakie,

2nd, Rob Parkes,

1st Hayden Walker.


5th , Peter Florence,

4th Carter Reid,

3rd Andy Rae,

2nd Kevin Pilcher,

1st Tane Leatherby.


5th Steve Blair,

4th, Mark Nijesen,

3rd Dan Filli,

2nd Ben Pollard,

1st Regan Phipps.

Grand Slam winner 6species,

Peter Florence, jackpot not struck next year $4000.00.

Top team

Kerry Flowers, and Paul Rountree.

Runner up

Cam Twigley, and Ben Pollard.

Main draw prize

Wills Candy .

Early bird draw prize

Steve Caithness.